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Sunday February 1st. We are proud to announce the release of the new high performance Rolling Thunder Quantum Series. With the redesign of the services to support a very high number of users we are well prepared to handle the expected new user base we are negotiating right now. We also have updated our security certificate and fixed a few bugs. Look for a really innovative new feature in the near future that will set the 3D Mapping world on end!
The only multiservice cloud solution that combines testing, video, 2D and 3D mapping, embedded browser and much more. Our focus is on the young people and families. Our most popular download is the Disaster Center role focused on helping kids and parents with Disaster Awareness and how to be proactive via First Aid and monitoring things like fires, earthquakes and storms. The client with examples for different roles can be downloaded from this web site.
We have innovations such as the world's only Model Driven Multiple Viewtop interface where each view supports Multiple windows that can mix and match multiple technologies. Our Cloud services are the fastest around with sub-microsecond response times measured at the web server layer.
For over a decade we have been using a highly agressive Agile development methodology so we are always adding new innovative features every month and you can look at screenshots, videos or download now to see the latest.
We have been awarded the highest level enginnering awards in Java such as the Dukes and Outstanding Developer Awards.
Our SaaS is used all over the world 24 x 7 from the White House to Nepal.

An example of some of the screenshots from the Rolling Thunder Rich Client


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